This 3-day advanced course is targeted at life scientists or bioinformaticians who are already comfortable using the R statistical software in practice, and want to extend their knowledge. Lectures will be conducted in the morning, with practicals in the afternoon.

Topics covered include, among others:

  • Data structures in R
  • R internals
  • Object-oriented programming in R
  • Best practices for programming in R
  • Using R to conduct reproducible analysis
  • Data structures and manipulation of data within R
  • Profiling code

Several scientific applications require computing and/or storage resources that go beyond the processing power of a single multi-core machine. High performance computing (HPC) clusters provide the necessary hardware and software infrastructure to efficiently run computing intensive applications. The course gives an introduction to high performance computing using the HPC cluster at Vital-IT. Both theoretical as well as practical usage aspects will be covered.

The course will focus on learning and internalizing the practices of unit testing, refactoring, and version control through hands-on experience. The first morning will start with an introduction into these concepts and tools used to support them. In the afternoon, we will transition to a code clinic and work together in small groups applying these practices to make improvements to code brought by participants. The second day will continue with the code clinic.